3 Reasons Why We Need an X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Today, we will introduce popular products here; its name is X -ray luggage scanner. What are the main functions of the X -ray luggage scanner? Why do we need such a powerful device? Here, you will get the correct answer. The X -ray luggage scanner you are watching is the most advanced in the world, high security, and a multi -area synchronous alert. As the luggage passes through it, you can detect any small metal. High sensitivity to detect small metal low sensitivity. X -ray luggage scanners are widely used in airports, courts, prisons, customs, large bus stations, railway stations, factories, exhibition venues, stadiums, entertainment venues and other preventive damage and safety inspections. It checks the staff, handbags and luggage, and can find small metals, simple explosive devices, weapons, ammunition, weapon components, bombs, etc.

For more details on the X -ray luggage scanner, you can click our online store and learn more details about the scanner area. This powerful device is equipped with an automatic computing pass certificate number and alarm number function, and the LED display number. All metal induction and intelligent identification processing function. Automatic inspection and restore function. Is it easy to operate? When carrying any small metal, it detects the metal and alarm will issue an accurate warning position. The target location alarm light is displayed on one or two sides of the door and its top operation panel.

Why do we need X -ray luggage scanners? The following will provide you with three reasons.

The first is the most important thing to ensure safety. As we all know, there is nothing more important than security. Complete safety testing, multi -zone alarm shows that high discrimination and high immunity for external interference, high detection speed and high reliability of dual alarm. No matter where you install it. Airports, courts, prisons, customs, large bus stations and other places, X -ray luggage scanners will create a safe environment.

Secondly, installing X -ray luggage scanners, you will save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. The modular design is adopted and the X -ray source and the detector array is provided. The special keyboard key component, such as testing the diagnostic function, makes the device failure diagnosis and maintenance more accurate and faster.

In the end, it is equally important; this X -ray luggage scanner is easy to assemble. Its modular design is very convenient, which can be quickly and simple, powerful lightweight design and easy to assemble. Want to buy one? Welcome to this professional online store www.jkdcsc.com, you will get the most reasonable price of high -quality products.

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