Introduction to 5030 X -ray machine

JKDC-5030A has X-ray scanner detection function. Stronger penetrating power. The internal metal structure of the object is displayed on the LCD screen. It is specially designed for important places such as tourist attractions, gymnasiums, conference centers, exhibitions, luggage storage, shopping malls, hotels, etc. Below I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of the 5030 X-ray machine.



Energy-saving design: The machine can automatically sense objects, put the baggage on the machine and start running, and the machine is stationary without baggage.


One-key shutdown control: When shutting down, you only need to turn the key once, and the equipment will automatically and safely shut down, reducing equipment failures.


Environmental protection design: The lead curtain is added with a protective film to prevent guests’ hands from contacting lead and avoid lead pollution.

Dynamic screen switching: The screen can be switched when it is still, and it can be switched freely when it is dynamic.


Image processing system

X-ray sensor: L-type photodiode array (single energy), 16-bit depth

Monitor: high-resolution color, LCD protocol, 19 inches

Image processing: edge enhancement, image enhancement, image brightening, reducing darkening, image return, image retrieval

Image grayscale: 4096

Maximum image resolution: 1024 * 1280 pixels

Image processing: 24-bit for real-time processing

Image storage: real-time storage of 10,000 pictures.


Precautions for operation and use

1. Before use, check whether the casing panel, display, keyboard and cables of the equipment are damaged, whether the machine is placed stably, and then check whether the drum is running smoothly; before the system is powered on, check the entrance and exit of the channel to prevent X-ray leakage. The door curtain is intact, if it is damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately.


2. Check whether the conveyor belt is intact, whether there are spikes and stains that may harm the checked luggage. The LCD screen of the machine is forbidden to be rubbed or hit by sharp hard objects; check whether the lock on the operation table is damaged by unauthorized persons; check; All shells of the machine have been covered. Check whether the power socket of the device is reliably grounded.

5030 X-ray machine

3. Any equipment that produces X-rays is harmful and must be taken seriously. When the X-ray lamp is on, no part of the body can enter the inspection room; any debugging and maintenance of the machine must be operated by professional and technical personnel, and must not be allowed without permission. Modify or add any accessories without authorization, otherwise the warranty will not be given.


4. Do not stand or sit on the conveyor belt while the conveyor belt is running, and do not touch the edges and the rollers at both ends of the conveyor belt with your hands. When the conveyor belt does not go or stops when it goes, check whether the roller and conveyor belt are slipping or stuck, otherwise the electric roller will be burned out. Please use the voltage marked on this machine. To prevent leakage, please connect a leakage protector before connecting to the power supply. .


5. It is forbidden to place water cups and food on the console and the machine. Liquid seeping into the machine will cause a short circuit. When the machine is used in an environment where the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, the machine should be turned on and warmed up 30 minutes in advance. When the machine is not used for a long time, it should be moved to a dry and ventilated place for storage.


The above is some basic introduction about our JKDC-5030A X-ray machine, I hope to help you. If you are interested in our 5030A X-ray machine, you can go to our official website to have a look, or you can contact us directly.

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