Out of convenience and security, access control surface recognition the entrance tripod rotation door

The tire killer is made of carbon steel with A3 grade stainless steel or ordinary steel blades. It integrates the mechanical and electrical control box together, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable. Intercepting prohibited vehicles and intercepting terrorist vehicles is a good choice. It provides a high degree of protection against unauthorized entry and exit of hostile vehicles.



Tire killer, also known as road thorn roadblock, barbed roadblock, etc., is a broken tire type roadblock that is driven by a hydraulic power unit, remotely controlled or by wire.



The thorns of road thorns are relatively sharp, and the tires of vehicles will be pierced within 0.5 seconds after rolling on and the air in the tires will be emptied through the vent holes, causing the vehicle to not move forward. Therefore, it is a necessary anti-terrorism roadblock in some key security places.


This roadblock is normally closed during operation, that is, it is in a raised state during security operations, preventing any vehicles from passing through. When a passable vehicle wants to pass, the road thorn can be dropped through manual control by the security personnel, and the vehicle can pass safely.


Technical requirements for prevention

Because this roadblock protects places with a security level of level 1, its protection level is the highest, so the technical requirements for prevention are relatively high:


First of all, the hardness and sharpness of road thorns must meet the standard. The puncture puncture of the road thorn roadblock not only bears the pressure of the car, but also bears the impact force of the vehicle moving forward, so the hardness and toughness of the road thorn are very big challenges.


The thorns of one-piece stainless steel casting will have stronger hardness than the steel thorns cut and polished by steel plate, and the hardness also determines the sharpness. Only road thorns with up to standard hardness will have good sharpness when they have a sharp shape. The one-piece stainless steel cast thorns are fully equipped with such conditions.


Secondly, the hydraulic power unit should be placed underground. The hydraulic power unit is the heart of the roadblock. It must be installed in a hidden place to increase the difficulty and time of terrorist destruction. Buried underground puts forward higher requirements on the waterproof and anti-corrosion properties of the device.

Again, multiple control methods are required. If there is only one control method, then the control end becomes the weak underbelly for terrorists to destroy the line of defense. For example, if only remote control is used, terrorists can use a signal jammer to make the remote control fail; if only remote control is used, the control box will be Destroyed, the road thorn barricade becomes a display.


Therefore, it is best to coexist multiple control methods: the control box is placed on the desktop of the security room for routine control; the control box is located in the central control room for remote monitoring and operation; the remote control is carried with you for emergency operation; in addition, There are pedal type, concealed type, etc., which can be used as an alternative in very emergency situations.


Finally, what is indispensable is the power-off operation mode. Once terrorists cut off or destroys the circuit, or temporarily loses power, there must be a backup power supply to ensure normal operation of the device. There is also a manual pressure relief device. If there is a power failure when it is in the raised state, and there is a car that needs to be released, a manual pressure relief device must be used.


To sum up

Tire killer is a very effective security device. At the same time, it has very high requirements on various technical indicators. The above basic requirements must be fully considered and met before it can be regarded as a qualified security tool.

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