Access Control Face Recognition Entrance Tripod Turnstile for Convenience and Safety

JKDCSC is here today. We will discuss the use of the tripod rotating door used in the factory and ensure its safety. As you know, the factory is characterized by large -scale, complex functional distribution, unstable personnel, and higher requirements for safety protection technology. Almost every factory installed a tripod rotating door at the entrance. It looks like a door, standing there for protection. The rotating door with perceived ability, computing ability and modern design capabilities can accurately, accurately control the entrance and exit of the crowd, and avoid popular population in the factory. According to this function, a intelligent security system based on rotating door recognition is designed. The system releases our hands and saves a lot of time to maintain the security of the entrance. Analyze and study the security requirements, design methods, functional implementation, procedures and implementation methods of the entire system. The results show that the rotating door can undoubtedly be aware of the safety defense tasks of the factory. That’s why we strongly recommend that you use the rotating door to ensure the safety of the entrance.

In addition, the rotating grid door has been widely used in different schools and universities. Each university and college have responsibilities and roles, providing each student with some basic insights on self -protection and how to maintain a safe campus environment. You need to understand more information about the rotary door. Facing security issues, contradiction data, statistics, and viewpoints, this will help us become the key, rational and analysis thinkers. With the continuous progress of automation technology, the rotating door entrance system has also been widely used in many fields.

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