Advantage Of Full Height Turnstiles

Turnstiles are gradually becoming more significant not just for physical barriers for unauthorized entries but they also proved intelligent and work as an innovative component of all your security entry infrastructures. This develops a sense of direction.

Full heights turnstiles are popularly used because its ease of operation, simple designs, and also give the surrounding a better look or design due to their presence. Having the colorful LED light helps indicate directions makes it easy for a pedestrian to know which lane is working or non-working.

Usually, the height of the turnstiles makes it easy for people to enter one after the other without manual interventions which helps to stop unauthorized entry and also monitor those that are entering.

You can get full height turnstiles of single or dual lanes at our company we manufacture quality turnstiles with a full-height that can combine dual lanes to ease the flow of human traffics.

We also manufacture special designs of turnstiles that have a cover at the top, so that they could be placed in the atmosphere, whereas dust or water cannot enter it.  The drive and control buttons are installed at the top of the turnstiles for easy maintenance of the device, we also feature manual operations whenever there is a power failure or malfunctions of the system.

 Advantages of full height turnstiles

· It helps control the flow of human traffics and also discipline desperate passengers to maintain the queue for easy flow of human traffics mostly in the airports, banks, stadium, factories and other public places

· You can control the rotational speed of the arm for safe rotations; if it pushes rapidly you can control the arm.

· Full height turnstiles are innovated with card reader systems and biometrics that prevent unauthorized personnel, it doesn’t display any error when used the system works excellently and is fully automated.

· Hence, when the entrance is secured with the full height turnstiles you don’t need any stand-by security behind it because it works perfectly.

·  The full height turnstile is made with strong standard steel which ensures long-time usage.

· We also installed an adjustable manual when there is a power failure for easy control.

· The standard steel used to manufacture the turnstiles makes it adaptable to any weather conditions.

· It easy to maintain, the operation and installation guide is easy.

Where full height turnstile can be used is listed below;

· Stadium

· Factories

· Bank

· Airports

· Railway stations

· Government assets

· Research labs

· Also high-security places like malls

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