Advantages Of Using X-Ray Baggage Scanner

With escalating crime waves and smuggling of illegal substances from one country to another, various systems have been put in place to check these activities.

The introduction of an X-ray baggage scanner is an improved and high-tech method to detect illegal materials.

An X-ray baggage scanner’s security testing is usually carried out on certain materials such as the travelling bags, wallet, packsack, luggage, mail and small packages, which has a good safety-check output for the unauthorized items.

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The advantages of using an X-ray baggage scanner are given below:

1. High Image Performance

It has an extraordinary image quality for improved investigation performance that reveals all harmful goods such as explosives, drugs and other illegal materials.


2. Increased Flexibility

X-Ray baggage scanner is highly flexible. It has a broad application which permits operators to screen postal parcels, briefcases, luggage, backpacks as well as other littles materials accurately and effectively.

3. High Throughput function

X-ray detector has high throughput such that with their automated functions, it can be used to scan thousands of materials


4.  High Adaptability

The possession of three varying lengths of conveyor belt allows an X-Ray scanner to effectively function in different environmental conditions.


5. High Sensitivity

X-Ray baggage scanner has gained a wide use because of its relatively high sensitivity to detect the presence of materials enclosed in non-transparent coverings.


The use of X-Ray baggage scanner will come handy in places where security surveillance is needed such as terminal buildings for passengers (in airports, train station, seaport, etc.). Some government establishments or companies with high-security threats also employ their use.


Improvement in the design of X-ray Baggage Scanner

There is a lot of advancement made in the design of X-ray detectors to enhance their performance greatly.


For instance, the invention and the development of the other type of X-ray scanner referred to as the double angle X-ray baggage scanner.


It is designed to have a bottom and side shot sources of X-ray which can reveal the baggage content in a double directions simultaneously.


This has enhanced the authenticity of the scanning process. Again other new revelation products have an immeasurable impact in improving the security surveillance process. Another model design is the Backscatter X-ray baggage scanner. This X-ray system is very weak and will not go through the human body. Its effect is compared to basking under the sun for 5 minutes.


Backscatter X-ray imaging system

This is quite of a different operation when compared to other x-ray scanner. However, the operation of the X-ray baggage scanner is very feeble, and it cannot have access into the body of a human being.

The image projection of this equipment is clear with high resolution. It applies to numerous car movement check, large truck surveillance and also luggage check


In Need of An X-ray Baggage Scanner

Having considered the benefits of employing an X-ray baggage scanner at various strategic places to curb theft, you might want to get a quality one.


You can do this by taking the simple step of partnering with an experienced and reliable X-ray baggage scanner manufacturer. Kindly contact us today to see our various products. You will be glad you did.

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