ASIC about X -ray luggage scanner

The avoidance of harmful goods on aircrafts as well as its safe landing is the sole aim of security screenings at the airport. Hence, a metal detector is placed for passengers to walk through before they pass through into the gate of the facility. So also, an X-ray machine scans both checked-in baggage and hand baggage. This is why baggage scanner manufacturers produce quality produce that meets the purpose of it creation.


Well, one truth remains that until X-ray scanner is sourced from a renowned baggage scanner manufacturer, the efficiency of such equipment can be guaranteed. And this serves as the reason why it is very important to source for x-ray baggage scanners from a professional baggage scanner manufacturer.


There are not too many ADOs, let us quickly browse the basic knowledge about X -ray luggage scanners.

The scanning technology of X -ray luggage scanner relies on X -ray

The passenger regards the X -ray scanner as a tunnel of a conveyor belt system in some form, so that the luggage moves from one side of the tunnel to the other side. With the use of X -rays, luggage scan in the box; the penetration of X -rays in various substances makes scanning possible.

The unique tube covering the lead machine will generate X -ray. The stenosis in the lead cover is about 1 cm, and X -rays enter the inside of the tunnel.

Each luggage is transported by the conveyor through the X -ray beam, and the detector across the tunnel measures the radiation of the item during scanning. Materials such as lead are the most dense radiation, which prevents the progress of X -ray.

Due to the amount of radiation transmitted through luggage, which is close to real -time images, this is the representation of the object created by the computer.

Blue or Orange -Various materials of various colors

The image made by X -rays in the old period, white and black. But in today’s world, the images created on the computer show the main scanners of various projects in various colors.

Micro -micro -micro -micro -micro -organized like plastic, wood, textiles, and water are usually colorful orange, while inorganic substances like metal are displayed in blue. If there is an intersection of inorganic and organic materials in an object to be scanned, the screen will display green.

For example, the appearance of the tennis in the metal tunnel is green. Other materials displayed in green are bones, salt and glass, and Halonen clarified. The thicker the density of the material or the density of the material, the darker the appearance of the object on the computer screen.

The very dense materials that are used to prevent radiation look black.

3D images have advanced and new technologies

With the development of technology, the stability of the scanning process and the sharpness of images have become possible. You can modify the image to a better understanding of the component of the scanned luggage.

In these scanners, the fusion of X -ray and CT technology or computer fault scanning will instinctively discover explosives. In the CT scanner, the radiation rotation comes from the very high speed of the scanned items, which produces a three -day size image. The ability of new machines is high because it can scan about 1,800 bags/h.

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