Compare the walking through the metal detector and the conventional detector

I bet you want to make sure you have all the knowledge and information you need before making your choice of a Walk Through Metal Detector with all his specifications. You’d like to learn the difference between the walk through detector and the other metal detectors. Then you are in the right place.

Let’s start with the first thing which is knowing what a basic metal detector is. We will get to learn about the working principles as we move through this post.

The general concept of the metal detector

The conventional metal detector is electronic equipment that detects metallic objects by transmitting an electromagnetic field.

This field created by the electromagnetic interaction originates from a generator which in most cases is a coil, and directed towards any surface. In the case of the walk through metal detector, the field is trapped between two bars to detect any impedance to the flow of transmission. The objects that fall between this electromagnetic impulse become energized. They transmit a signal. In this way the detector manages to reach its objective which is to detect the target object within the electromagnetic field.

Distinguishing the Walk Through Detector.

And you might wonder, how is it that they specifically detect metals? Well, almost all detectors are capable of discriminating between different objects and metals. In addition, it is possible adjust the detector to ignore unwanted objects. This helps you to always achieve your desired objective and completely guaranteeing your investment. No doubt, there are different types of metal detectors. For example, the conventional metal detectors are used for detecting treasures. But in the case of the Walk Through Metal Detectors, they are specifically used in a screening process. They serve as security doors for detecting any possible weapon or objects (metals) which might be used to inflict harm.


And if you are also wondering what the detectors look like, let’s get started with what it is. As already mentioned, there are many different types of metal detectors, the latest invention, the walk through detectors, do not all look totally the same. However, most retain the same horse-shoe structure, to ensure that the metal detector functions properly.

The major difference between the walk through detector and the conventional ones is that it is the former is more specific to the detection of metal objects on people. The design is in such a way that it accommodates a wide range of heights. It is designed with an audio system which makes a sound when a metal is detected. Also, it can be connected to a display screen that shows the exact position of the metal on the carrier.

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