Functions and common terms related to luggage scanners

Luggage scanners are very common in airports and other public areas. At the airport, they are used to check personal baggage to ensure safe travel and landing. They also have the ability to detect harmful substances and explosives.

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1. Color imaging

Based on the valid number of atoms, the color selection is completed through the imaging function of the application imaging analysis. In order to be in a good region, 6 color imaging is required. The appearance of any of the six colors of the project depends on the specific atomic number.

2. Xiang Limited Zoom

The function of this zoom separates the image from X -ray to 9 quadrant. Each quadrant found on the image screen is equal to numbers on the AOCP keyboard. This allows operators to quickly and comfortably enlarge the single quadrant to immediately manipulate the image.

For each zoom imaging symbol, Westminster’s software creates a thumbnail. This allows operators to view all the images in the narrowing diagram by narrowing some specific areas of the main image.

The operator applies the image processing function to the main image and immediately applies these functions on the thumbnail.

3. Advanced management system (AMS)

Most importantly, it is used to modify settings, manages routine, update and multiple X -ray scanners in the website. In addition to the starting workstation or WG X -ray scanner, the instant signal is also sent from these machines to AMS.

The signal sends a request and retrieved data update or the latest system changes. The attached data is the management settings of changes, users and software updates added or deleted, such as prompt settings and threat image protection (TIP) libraries.

Later, it sent the data back to the workstation or machine and automatically updated its system when needed. Similarly, it has the ability to connect all WG systems on the network in order to perform global configuration in GO. Alternatively, you can configure the configuration in a specific manner.

4. Senior operator control panel (AOCP)

The system is controlled by AOCP completed by an operator. It has the design of ergonomic engineering, and its design has the letters and several buttons with a touchpad mouse. These buttons are dedicated to each image manipulation option and function. The presentation of the ME fine is a complete light, and the sound is enabled by the use of the speaker.

5. Atomic number measurement

You can correctly create the atomic number of the project by using the AOCP to touch the mouse to drag the project box. This is done by the operator.

Using the number of atomic, the operator can identify the correct problem group and determine items that can be threatened accurately.

6. Automatic image archiving

The 150,000 images scanned by the system before archiving are automatic. The ability to review the old bag is the training exercise of the huge archive library awarded the operator.

Automatic images are also archived, and managers and supervisors can evaluate the capacity of the bag. These bags have previously been scanned as the demand increases. As the storage capacity reaches the limit, it will automatically start deleting the oldest images to release the storage space of new images.

7. Bag counter

The luggage counters are included in the system interface task bar.

8. Black and white

The standard gray performance of the image is created by the characteristics of black and white. These features allow operators to allow comfortable regions to distinguish between objects.

The screen will display black to highly dense objects. The object is the signal of the operator to transfer the concentration to the area of the bag. In objects, B/W is particularly useful for accurate differentiation.


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