Food Safety: The function of transporting food metal detectors

Food safety and inspection services have formulated a regulation because metal pollutants were found in food purchased by consumers.

In the past year, metals from the teleportation belt system were found in the instant chicken product.

In addition, metal shaving was found in a pack of Turkey, and metal fragments were embedded in completely cooked sausage products.

However, ensuring food safety is a dense and persistent process. Implementing and maintaining effective food safety management systems always require extraordinary time and money.

Thanks to the latest innovation of the food industry today, this innovation provides technology for detecting metal in packaging food.

However, you need to contact the manufacturer of food metal detectors by preventing control measures to eliminate or reduce pollutants.

The manufacturer of the conveyor belt food metal detector combined with ordinary metal detectors and X -ray inspection systems to ensure food safety.

metal detector

The metal detector is wrapped around and connected to a high -frequency radio launch machine on the non -metal frame.

When the metal particles are interfered under a coil through the coil of the metal detector, the high -frequency field is interfered under a coil, and the voltage is replaced with a slight voltage. The output is used to detect metal.

It can be configured with multiple launch coils to produce more effective magnetic fields and a lot of improved sensitivity. Therefore, it can be reliably detected by a metal ball with a diameter of up to 20 %.

X -ray inspection system

The X -ray inspection system is based on the density of products and pollutants. X -rays are just light waves we can’t see.

Therefore, it cooperates on the production line because it has a very short wavelength, which corresponds to very high energy. When X -ray penetrates food, it loses some of its energy.

Direct areas such as pollutants will further reduce energy. When X -rays exit the product, it can reach the sensor. The sensor then converts the energy signal into an image inside the food.

Foreign objects seem to be gray dark shadows, which helps to identify foreign body pollutants, such as stones in the pickled tank.

Of course, this is just a simple explanation of the teleportation belt food metal detector, that is, how highly complex technology works.

in conclusion

Understanding the above information is the easiest way to understand the knowledge that consumers and brand safety needs.

This technology will help you solve the rules of regulations. In addition, check any physical pollution threat. In addition, it provides you with a description of equipment types for best practice for certain food applications.

However, it is also necessary to consult a teleportal food metal detector to understand how to maintain the production of pollutants.

Finally, be sure to meet the needs of all your teleportation food metal detectors with reliable and reputable suppliers to meet the best transactions.

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