Full high-rotating grid maintenance tips to prevent COVID-19

It is not a new knowledge that germs are usually found on items we often put our hands on. Hence, items like doorknobs, switch knobs, ATM keypads, full height turnstile to mention a few, are common hotspots around us for the spread of bacteria, viruses and other microbes. The continuous rise in the COVID-19 cases recorded worldwide has become a battle for all.


Aside from the common concept of mask wearing and social distancing (of about six feet) among others, it is important that corporate organizations, offices and businesses design prevention plans that will control the crowd passing through the entrances leading to the organization.


Looking for tips on how to curb and control the spread of COVID-19 within your organization?


Here are five guidelines outlined to help you maintain full height turnstile which could serve as a hotspot for germs and microbes.


Wash Your Hands Regularly

Since the outburst of COVID-19, regular hand washing has become a new lifestyle of mankind. It is imperative to wash the two hands with warm water, for not less than 20 seconds. This should be done immediately after using the turnstile, door or any other public appliances.

Disinfect Your Turnstiles Regularly

Regular disinfection of the turnstiles using approved disinfectants can do a lot of good to users’ life. Someone should be designated to do the regular wiping or spraying of the surface of turnstile with approved disinfectants.


Use of Other Parts of the Body

Turnstiles are designed such that they turn in the direction in which force is being applied. This makes it possible to be gently pushed through using the elbow, back, shoulder, forearm, hip or any other part of the bother aside hand.


Implement Turnstile Social Distancing Policies

Social distancing is yet another common measure put in place to control the spread of COVID-19 in any social gathering.


A distance of six feet must be maintained between two people standing next to each other at the turnstile, building entryways and other access control points available. This is in order to prevent contracting infections from the droplets that spread-out when coughing or sneezing.


Therefore, the caretakers and business owners are urged to prioritize the implementation of turnstile social distancing policies in their buildings and organizations.


Wearing of Gloves

Make sure you wear disposable gloves if you must come in contact with any frequently touched surface such as full height turnstile.


Wearing of gloves can greatly reduce your exposure to viruses and infectious bacteria, by creating a barrier between your palms and the contaminated surfaces, hereby, controlling the spread of COVID-19 among people.


Disposable gloves should trashed immediately after use. Make sure you wash your hands (with warm water) or use antibacterial hand sanitizer immediately after removing gloves.

Now, it is important to know how proper full height turnstile maintenance measures can help fight against the wild spread of COVID-19 and win back our own world for us. Knowing for sure that not all of us can be forced to stay back at home.  We must be informed on how we can stay safe, sound and secured even while at work.


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