How Do Airport Baggage Scanners Work

The airport scanners create an image using a wave frequency. The wave frequency that transmits in the body reflects an image of the person if any hidden object is underneath.

The security breach at the airport made air travel quite stressful but the reason for the security is to protect us, we passenger.

It is very important to ensure safety for all flying passengers holding luggage, hand luggage, and also every physical flying passenger is scanned to ensure compliance with restriction.

Have you thought about how an airport baggage scanner works? The airport uses two types of scanners. The first scanner is a full-body scanner known as millimeter-wave scanners which are used for creating moving objects as shown in movies.

The second scanner is a backscatter, it is used to show hidden objects beneath cloth or luggage and can also detect both metallic and non-metallic objects ranging from foods, guns, and plastics.

But some airports no longer use backscatter scanners because they are considered invading passengers’ privacy but still in use in countries like the US, UK, and European airports.

Full-body scanner

Both the millimeter and backscatter uses wave frequency to view a detailed image of the body and what’s underneath, it also removes the need of pulling over trousers during stop and search at the security breach.

So many tourists prefer scanning than any other alternatives, more so the china department of transport system doesn’t allow passengers to fly without been scanned because the scanner detects both metallic and non-metallic objects.

However, the scanners cannot detect the interior part of your body or inner cavities in the body, it only shows a dark doll-like image of your body during the search and the images don’t save.

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What do airport scanners see when scanning your baggage?

Although, airport baggage scanners are always specific to detect all the content in your baggage with full details, most people still wonder what they detect in their luggage.

The airport baggage scanner can detect both metallic and non-metallic objects including organic materials which means you can’t smuggle in banned foods or any unlawful food materials.

The airport baggage scanner devices rely on the X-ray wave to see your luggage’s to picture out detailed information about what is inside your luggage. The security officers will calculate how the density of the object inside your luggage is; it will provide all the necessary information for contraband.

Not all the objects in your luggage will be calculated but if any suspicious object is detected during the process that might lead to delay. It is advisable to adhere strictly to the rules of banning some food materials both carry-on and hold pieces of luggage.

Working principles of airport baggage scanner

The working principle is using a few doses of X-rays to clarify the items for inspection, and the computer is used to analyze the transferring rays, and analyze the properties of the penetrated items according to the changes in the transferring rays.


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