How to work safely at the airport

How Does Airport Security Work?

The airport security department uses various machines and methods to ensure the safety of passengers. Walk Trough Metal detectors, X-ray machines and iron mobility spectrometers are used to detect potential threats. Dogs and bees are also being trained to help with safety inspections.

In view of the current situation of the world, there are almost everywhere there are physical examination stations, airport luggage scanners and metal detectors. Taking into account this, it is not surprising that the safety of the airport (the most busy transportation centers) becomes stricter day after day.

The use of equipment and machines for airport safety purposes comes from many different scientific fields. These weapons are used as the first level and the most basic safety inspection level on the airport, which are mainly used to find weapons such as daggers, guns, knives. These weapons are made of metal. They are also used in shopping malls and theaters.

We will mainly talk about metal detectors, which is the basic tool for protecting the safety of the airport. Metal detector is composed of AC current generator and coil. The generated AC current will induce changing magnetic fields in the coil. If there are conductive metal objects nearby, “vortex” will occur due to changes in the magnetic field. Then these vortex created their own magnetic fields. Therefore, the net magnetic field suddenly changes, which was detected by the device called magnetic meter. Then, the magnetic force will issue an alert, so after the complex movement between the electric field and the magnetic field, the metal object is successfully detected.

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