The Walk through Metal Detector is Widely Used in the Olympic Games

On July 23, at 19:00 Beijing time, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will be held at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium. The opening ceremony of each Olympic Games is one of the highlights. Literature and artistic performances, the recognition of delegations from various countries, and the lighting method of the main torch is a topic of interest to the audience. Maybe you don’t know if you successfully host the Olympic Games. Due to the effort of many people and many useful tools, its success, this process may be worth it. Especially in this special period, it is important to maintain the safety of athletes and workers.

The goal of the Olympic Games is to be faster, higher, and stronger, not only in the competition between athletes, but also in their own breakthroughs and progress. This principle can also be used in many areas. Especially in the walking area of the metal detector, in order to prevent popularity, the participants of the delegation must maintain a distance of 2 meters. With the installation of a metal detector by walking, it will create a safer environment for athletes.

What is a metal detector? You often see it at the airport. You can call it the security guard of the airport. In the past ten years, airport safety regulations have improved to a new level. As the number of passengers is increasing, the effective and fast security control of the inspection station proposes a high requirements for the 21st Century Security System. In our online store, you will see a new metal detector that can not only detect it, but also classify hidden items, although their directions and exact positions are unclear. Our new prototype passes through the metal detector to generate a uniform magnetic field of orthogonal orthodox, so as to classify the pole moment, even for the smallest project, it can be accurate in real time. This method has nothing to do with the rotation of the object and classify the object according to the characteristic value of the polarization amount. The amount contains the size, shape and direction of the object. In our laboratory environment, there is no hypothesis about the typical position of possible positions. This is a high -tech magic.

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