Is the X -ray scanner safe?

Patient concerns are often based on the warnings health care providers have issued regarding medical X-rays. The Food and Drug Administration cautions patients to undergo X-ray imaging only when strictly necessary. But should people also be concerned about the X-Ray Baggage Scanner at airports?


Why use radiation in safe screening?

Radiation provides a reliable way that can quickly and repeat the prohibited items such as weapons and explosives without damage to the person or item of the inspected people.

When producing X -ray, stand or walk around or walk near the X -ray system?

Yes. The manufacturer is required to prove that its products meet the radiation safety performance standards of the cabinet X -ray system. Specifically, this standard requires the exposure of radiation from the cabinet X -ray system at an hour of no more than 0.5 MilliroEntgens, and 5 cm from the outer surface. Most cabinet X -ray systems are launching less than this limit. In addition, this standard also requires security functions, including warning lights, warning labels and intermodal locks.

In order to compare, ordinary people get about 360 mm radiation from background radiation every year. (Note: 1 millimeter element with 1 millimeter -ray will cause about 1 mm dose. These terms are defined behind this document.) Background radiation is always radiation in the environment. This kind of contact is 80 % from natural sources: RA, human body, outer space, rocks and soil. The remaining 20 % come from artificial radiation sources, mainly medical X -rays.

When producing X -rays, is pregnant women standing or walking near the cabinet X -ray system?

Yes. The restrictions on radiation emissions established by performance standards are sufficient restrictions, so that there is no other harm to specific groups such as children or pregnant women.

If any of these products through the cabinet X -ray system, is it safe to eat food, drinks, drinks, use medicines or cosmetics?

Eating food, drinking drinks, using drugs or using cosmetics radiated by the cabinet X -ray system used for safety screening, there is no adverse effects.

Cabinet X -ray system usually receives the radiation dose of objects is 1 mm or less. The average dose rate of background radiation is 360 mm per year. The minimum dose used in foods for food preservation or destroying parasites or pathogens is 30,000 RAD.

When my electronic device is via the cabinet X -ray system, will it be damaged by X -ray?

No, when the cabinet X -ray system used for security screening scan a piece of electronic device, the X -ray dose received will not damage the electronic equipment.

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