The main reasons for starting the metal detector

In our world today, metal detections are adopted in use to be able to gain entrance into airports, courts and concert halls. Throw back to the days of the 1920s the walk through metal detections were not meant to confirm the holding of materials of violence but to indicate if a person was a criminal.


The uncivilized use of handy detector can be dated back the nineteenth century. In the 1920s two creative German  scientists initiated the built in metal detector into use after they invented it. Never did they know that their invention of detection criminal acts with a factory would serve another dynamic purpose in the future.


H. Richter and his fellow inventor Leipzig manufactured the metal detector in the mid 1920s. Thus was done for a producing company in Germany.


No any form of physical contact applied, the walk through metal detector will scrutinize each person living and entering the building to determine if a person is holding an incriminating object.

In April 1926 there was a case of a Radio News magazine which emphasized this device on its cover. And proclaimed Radio Oscillator Detects Thieves.

In the he magazine, it was explained that all employees will form a single file and walking through the detector. A attendant will also be present with an head phone worn in order to hear when the alarm bimp.


The illustration given in the magazine has an amplifier which results to an auto frequency oscillator and is seen at the right side on top of the ledgers of the window. Also, the attendant put on a telephone headset as mentioned above. This is connected to circuits which are two in number, the attendant notes a change in the sound as each employee walk pass.


The rate at which the device is very sensitive to metals which is made possible with the use AF a device is so incredible. Notwithstanding, small device like key and wrist watch can be easily detected by the device. In order not to make mountains out of mud holes, the device are usually adjusted not to make a signal for small metals.


In the walk way metal detector, a shelf is made at the side of the wicket so that launch flaks, cans and other materials created by the workmen what so ever will not be realized.


The workers do not take any form of metal articles into the walk way but come back to collect them before advancing through the main gate.


In the article, it further explained that if the machine is turned off the attendants will then adopt the use of a searching coil to determine any theft from each individual as the move.


When the detector finds an amount of metal that is not to be seen, much care will be used to search such individual. This searching coil is made available for such work. It works on the same similarities with that of the circuit. When the coil is adequately moved over the body of the employees, any metal found will be instantly indicated.

Thus coil is made to be very sensitive that even without coming in contact with an individual, it dictates coins, the presence of stickpins in its cravat and also metals available in teeth regions. This is amazing.


Not withstanding, this was not the first attempt of inventory to catch theft in a company. In 1919, a South African diamond mine adopted the use of x rays to inspect employees in case diamonds were hidden in their body cavities or cuts in the body.


While going through the airport search, just inform the TSA that their search is nothing worst than that of the Germany’s 1920s or South Africa in the 1910s.


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