WiFi Signal Jammers

Wifi Bluetooth wireless video audio portable handheld jammer

Main Functions: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless video signal jammer Additional Functions: Spy camera and audio bug blocker

  • Model No.: JSC110803

Wifi Bluetooth wireless audio and video portable handheld jammer is a portable Wifi, Bluetooth, wireless video signal jammer, allowing you to hold meetings, legal proceedings or other important activities with peace of mind.

This multifunctional jammer has a strong ability to cut off signals in the 1.0G (895-1000Mhz), 1.2G (1195-1300Mhz) and 2.4G (2395-2500Mhz) frequency bands. It can be powered by AC power or battery power and car adapter, and the battery working time can be up to 1.5 hours after being fully charged.

Turned on signal blocker, security for 15 meters radius, and turn off, re-established all the wireless network activity automatically. Best quite simply one on the market today.

Main functions: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless video signal jammer

Isolated signal bandwidth:

  1. 1.0G: 1000-1100mhz

  2. 1.2G: 1100-1300mhz

  3. 2.4G: 2400-2485mhz

  • Coverage range: up to 15 meters

  • Power supply: wall plug, car adapter or built-in battery

  • Built-in battery: 2000mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery

  • Working time: 90 minutes

  • Can run on AC power or battery power

  • Power supply: AC adapter (AC100-240V DC12V)

  • Output power: 2.7W

  • Colour: Black

Package Contents

  1. Jammer host *1

  2. Antenna*3

  3. AC power charger*1

  4. Car power charger*1

Packing volume 22*18*10cm

Package weight: 0.9KG