Single Channel Full Height Turnstile Was To Saudi Arabia

For every business, client satisfaction remains an uncompromised aspect that can’t be traded for anything else.


For this reason, manufacturers all over the world will work so hard to ensure that they give in their best in ensuring that customers’ orders are handle carefully and delivered cleanly.


All these rule of thumb aren’t different when it comes to the security gadget and equipment industry where we belong.


As a matter of fact, since the industry deals more on the security of lives and property, we go the extra mile to ensure that our products and services are top notch.


With regards to the delivery of top notch products and services, we have been known as the leading supplier of high-tech security machines and equipment that are designed to last and stand the test of time.


And due to our unflinching commitment to quality and our undying passion to remain at the top spot as the leading manufacturer of different types of security equipment, we are always working round the clock to ensure that we stay ahead of our game.


These qualities of ours, in no little way has endeared a lot of customers, both locally and internationally to us. And since such high level of patronage has been our goal right from the onset, we are also on our toes to ensure that each customer is treated as the best.


Our latest business transaction

To back up our claims of being the best in the industry with a huge clientele, one of our outstanding and latest business transaction was with one our loyal customers who runs a construction company in Saudi Arabia.


The said customer has been doing business with us for the past 5 years, and each transaction between us and them also ends satisfactorily. This, we are confident to say is as a result of our unswerving commitment to giving the best at all times.


In our latest transaction our customer from the Middle East requested for 50 single channel full height turnstile, which our client said will be combined with the gate of their construction site for effective protection.

Single Channel Full Height Turnstile

The choice of this type of turnstile by our client was to ensure that untamed workers are prevented from climbing the gate as well as effectively controlling the entrance and exit of workers in and out of the construction site.


After the design and manufacture of the requested turnstile by our Saudi Arabian client, there was a slight change in the delivery procedure of the products. Unlike other clients where we usually hire some shipping containers for the delivery of their product, our Saudi Arabian client insisted that we buy brand new containers to ship the products.

Single Channel Full Height Turnstile Was To Saudi Arabia

And since adequate arrangement and mobilization has been done by our client, the needed containers were purchased, and holes were punched on the container for effective loading of the products for onward delivery.


Thankfully, the shipping of the single channel full height turnstile was successfully carried out on October 28, 2020, and our team of engineers installed 5 pieces of 20GP+5 pieces of 40-foot HQ for our clients on delivery.


Do you need high-quality single channel full height turnstile?

In case you want to enhance the security facilities of your company, building or organization, you can always count on us for the best deal.


We are just a click away, and we will be glad to partner with you to help you maintain a well-secured workplace or construction facility. Kindly click here to contact us.

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