Swing Turnstiles And Its Applications

We live in times where human controlled services are slowly being taken over by machines. It can be said that we now live in a machine era as these sophisticated machines have made every day living easier. Turnstiles gates have gained a fast rising popularity in the automated doors industry. A turnstile gate is a gate which restricts and controls the entry of authorized personnels in a building or a place.


It is an automatically regulated control system which helps to minimize and reduce the possibility of collision or tailgating.


Asides from the regulation of entry or access into a building, a turnstile can also control the number of individuals who can pass through it. They are also voltage friendly as they consume low power and operate within a safe voltage limit.


A turnstile can be installed at either entry or exit points of a building. They also come in different styles and designs with some even having biometrics and scanners features. Swing Turnstiles are one of the many kinds of turnstiles. It has some unique features which distinguishes it from other types of turnstiles.


● Swing Turnstiles

They are a type of optical Turnstiles. In this case, access can be regulated without making use of a physical barrier. The door material can either be glass. Acrylic glass, tempered glass or even stainless steel.

Swing Turnstile Manufacturers have also incorporated features such as infrared sensors which scan the person’s means of identification such as identity cards and are granted access.

Swing Turnstile Manufacturers can give you sizes options depending on your preference. A very important and impressive feature of this type of turnstile is that it allows for easy use for disabled people. It’s size allows for wheelchair passage. They are also a luxurious and stylish entrance option. They can also be used to pass bicycles, mopeds and pedestrians.

Other types of turnstiles include


● Full Height Turnstiles

This offers a higher security control leaving no room for any form of security breach as it is impossible to slide under or jump over them. It has a feature of a glass door open at one end while closing at another. Hence having control on the number of people gaining access.


● Waist High Turnstiles

This allows for no more than a person to pass at a time. They are the most commonly encountered types of turnstiles you will come across. It often makes use of a sliding barricade, a revolving tripod ,and in cases of waist high turnstiles which aren’t automatic, they require users to push the barricade or slide out of their way to gain access.

Optical Turnstile

There are two types of turnstiles under this category; the swing turnstile and then the flap. A prominent feature of this turnstile is that access is without the use of a physical barrier.


Turnstiles are versatile and can be seen in use in different places such as buildings, apartments and public places such as airports, embassies, train stations and malls.


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