Visual Guide for traffic and beautifying the environment

Bollards have become a ubiquitous part of the modern landscape. Planners and architects use them to manage both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, enhance landscape and architecture, light pedestrian pathways, secure and protect buildings and people, and provide bike parking.

Traffic line or street bollards

Traffic bollards are used to guide traffic toward appropriate areas while ensuring clear sight lines and allowing pedestrian access. They guide cars by creating roadway demarcation, or prevent access to restricted areas like bike lanes, public squares, and traffic islands. On roadways without curbs, they can be used to prevent vehicles straying from the street. Sometimes they are used in association with other traffic calming methods, like speed humps or one-way streets, to prevent vehicles from attempting to avoid other traffic management elements. Architectural bollards such as these are most commonly used in public spaces.


Pedestrian cloth

In many landscapes and attributes, decorative column cloths are used to define different pedestrian areas. A line around them can define its length and increase the architectural style. It can also be manufactured around the playground or park, which can be easily entered, but it will prevent it from being used as a channel. When it is related to the chain, column cloths can encourage pedestrians to stay on the marked path without forming a closed barrier to prevent all crossing. The ignited version illuminated the pedestrian road at night. Solar lighting is becoming the most commonly used form of lighting belt, because each unit is running on its own, and there is almost no maintenance. Our landscape column gallery highlights the available option range.

Architectural pillar

In road construction areas, temporary columns are usually placed to define and protect the working area from the impact of transportation. These boundary are usually made of flexible and bright plastic, sounded with reflector tapes, and sitting on a mobile rubber. They are usually closely intervals, providing continuous visual edges for the upcoming traffic.

Separation lane

Separate bicycle lanes provide safety for people riding bicycles and reduce the pressure of the driver. They encourage more people who ride bicycles on the road. However, the fragile boundaries are often deprived, making people riding bicycles fragile. Hard boundary can prevent emergency vehicles from reaching the road fate. Hard and flexible nuts made of polyurethane are a better solution. Check out the options of a large number of flexible series pillars in the bicycle lane (parking lot and lane fixed boundaries).

Safety column

Safety series columns are also visual guidelines for pedestrians and transportation, but can also resist the impact of vehicles. These are usually made of steel and are full of concrete, but can be decorated with fine or lids. Generally, local substrates and installations are important parts of influence: powerful nuts are poor, and there will be almost no resistance. Therefore, engineering supervision is crucial. Different applications will also have different influence needs.

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