Types of Tyre Killers that JKDC Security Provides

Tyre killers are essentially a metal strip that acts as a speed breaker for the person driving on the right side. However, its spikes puncture the tyres of vehicles coming from the wrong side. The following are several types of tyre killers that JKDCsc Security provides.

Traffic Equipment Road Safety Control Steel Tyre Killer

Standard tire killers are one -way peak barrier. It can also be used in two ways. There will be two mechanisms and two motors, two control boxes. It controls two -way.

This type of peak barrier is driven by the motor installed in front of the main door. Usually, it is in a rising state. When an authorized vehicle access, safety personnel can use the remote control or manual switch to put the peak. It can be integrated with all access control systems or parking systems.

The spike barrier is usually used with the parking arm barrier and the traffic signal light. When the green light is turned on, the tire killer peak will be closed, and the parking arm will rise. When the red light lits, the parking arm will be turned off, and the summit will rise. This is to avoid peaks from damaging vehicle tires. They can also be equipped with a ring detector coil to automatically turn off the beam sensor to ensure safety. We have our standard size, but we can also customize according to customer needs.

Cost-Effective Remote control spike roadblock Two way tyre killer

The tyre-killer is made of A3 steel and steel blade(Shape looks like speed bump).It adopts an electromechanical integrated control device, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable. It is an advanced equipment for intercepting non-permitted vehicles and terrorist vehicles.

The tyre-killer is made of A3 steel and steel blade(Shape looks like speed bump).It adopts the mechanical and electrical integration remote control device,easily operated,safe and reliable.It is advanced equipment to intercept forbidden vehicles and terrorist vehicles.

When the interception is needed, press the Up button on the remote control,then steel blade will rise up immediately. If the vehicle force through, the tyres will be punctured and deflated.When steel blade can effectively prevent the wheel passing and forced to stop.When the interception task is over,press the Down button, the blade will retract back to the casing and standby.This product has puncture and car stop function.


Two Way Side Tyre Killer With Remote Control A3 Steel Tire Killer

High security traffic road tyre killer can directly fixed on the road with expansion screws, easy to install, and used when power is on. After the thorn descends, there is a speed bump effect, but it is not suitable for the passage of vehicles with too low chassis.

The structure is sturdy and durable, the bearing load is large, the movement speed is stable, the noise is low, and it can be adapted to various working environments.

It adopts motor drive mode, simple installation, easy maintenance, high safety performance and long service life.

It can be combined with other control equipment to realize linkage control.

The tyre breaker can also achieve manual up and down in the power outage state, which plays a role in not affecting the normal travel of the vehicle.


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