Materials that can be used to make bolts

Rising bollard is a device that controls the passage of vehicles. By restricting passing vehicles, it effectively guarantees the traffic order, that is, the safety of major facilities and places. It can be used in conjunction with barrier control systems, etc., or can be used alone.


cast iron

Cast iron is the most common material, and steel wire is built from the traditional style cloth. It is durable and a favorite traditional material for decoration and enhanced buildings, which makes it the first choice for many applications. The cast iron is heavy enough to be used in independent applications, or it can also be used as the cover of steel and condensed safety stations. Standard cast iron is not extended like a delayed iron, and it is more likely to be affected by rupture, but it has cost advantages.

Delayed iron

The material engineering provides us with an iron alloy similar to cast iron, but it is more flexible and flexible. The delayed iron, also known as spherical graphite iron, has a carbon -containing percentage than cast iron. The spherical shape of the carbon makes metals more resistant to cracking. The forgedness of the delayed iron allows designing freedom and can be decorated in detail. The delayed iron is unlikely to be broken when hitting, thereby preventing the column cloth and the column cover to become a dangerous projectile or shot. This makes it the first choice for the pillar cover of the system.


Steel is a kind of iron alloy that is lighter and more resistant to impact than casting or delayed iron. Structural -level steel is usually used in safe applications and is full of concrete. Standard steel is common in the decorative modern Bollard style used for independent applications, or covers on safety pipelines. Generally, steel is made of prefabricated materials rather than cast. If you want to expose steel, you usually apply powder to make it durable and prevent corrosion.


The concrete can be used in combination with steel pipe cloth or embedded reinforced steel to create electricity -resistant devices. It can be formed by itself to create an attractive design suitable for certain architectural styles. Whether it is installed or not affects protection, the powerful contour of the concrete and the inherent weight make it a clear guide for traffic.


The aluminum is light and ductantly, making it the design of the mobile, decorative column. If the depression or scratch, the oxidation of aluminum usually causes similar shadow spots, which is less obvious than the high contrast red rust that can be produced on iron or standard steel. Aluminum is easy to cast and machine. According to the heat treatment used in production, durability and hardness can be achieved at different levels.


Polyurethane is a polymer composite material that makes the flexible nut nuts durable, UV resistant and maintains integrity under variable weather conditions. Multi -bolts are usually installed when features and costs are preferred in architectural styles. Polyurethane is usually in the parking lot, and the median is seen, which can be used for row lanes. Polyurethane is fragmented, with eye -catching colors, and dark shadows for building applications. Under all conditions, it usually uses reflective tape stress to maximize visibility.


Independent polyethylene column columns are usually used as low cost and low maintenance options in construction and parking applications. Bollard’s lid is where the advantages of plastic are really glowing. Unlike polyurethane, plastic is rigid and may collapse during impact. However, due to its ductability, it will produce the same visual effect when covering safety or anti -impact pipes. The black plastic cover can also be made in the traditional architectural style, which is used to require some architectural style safety columns, and its cost is lower than the range of metal allowed. Plastic has anti -ultraviolet rays and durability.

in conclusion

Rising hatrs are suitable for the entrances of emergency, limited and authorized vehicles, such as pedestrians, housing, business, industry, government, etc. They can be required to provide a variety of types, height, width and thickness. After 18 years of development, JKDC enjoys a high reputation in the Chinese security industry. We also have many loyal friends and customers from all over the world. If you are looking for a reliable product of rising columns, please contact us immediately!

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